Glacier Peak Healthy Dog Nutritional Assessments

healthy-dogGlacier Peak Holistics is an herbal nutrition company and lab that offers comprehensive assessments of over 200 food items, common environmental concerns and beneficial remedies that might help addresses the sensitivities. Saliva and hair samples are tested using passive applied kinesiology, a form of muscle testing that is similar to the method used by naturopaths and chiropractors as well as Biofeedback. Results are color coded with red indicating allergic response. Each allergen can be ranked ranging from 1 (non-symptomatic) to 10 (extremely symptomatic), but Glacier Peak’s philosophy is that any response requires treatment.

Nutriscan Food Testing

Saliva test developed by world renowned veterinarian, Dr. Jean Dodds, NutriScan tests 24 of the most commonly ingested foods by dogs and cats to provide you with specific results as to your companion animal’s food intolerances or sensitivities.